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i think the worst is over

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i don’t care about your shitty dead flowers in your hair and your short shirts and high shorts that are extremely disproportionate or your skinny cigarettes and bad art and your fake beliefs in making the world a better place and your short spurts of heavy interest in a popular subject without properly learning about every aspect of it and claiming you are a supporter and believer of it and fuck knowing so many people and never having a close relationship with someone and listening to music you only pretend to like and fucking STOP giving yourself titles as to how you see yourself because no one else fucking sees you as you see yourself and trying to prove you are something is fucking pathetic and cocky so just fucking be it instead of claiming to be it

this is to all girls in my generation because i fucking hate girls and wish everyone was the same gender even though girls are so fucking beautiful and i want to fuck them all the time even though they all suck and we’re all huge bitches

i feel like shit this helped

the end

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i respect your boundaries and i need to keep mine as well

that does not mean i don’t think about you every day

it seems like you’ve been on my mind more and more lately and i’m not sure why

i just miss you, happily

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this ones for you broski, if you finally decide to use it ya dick

i ran out of blues

bring on the sickness

all 3 of my friends went back to college

bring on the loneliness

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i’ve been having pretty terrible mood swings lately

now that i can’t just snort blues and chill the fuck out i want to murder everyone around me

my teen angst is back and i don’t like it

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my day off

was actually decent for once

i slept in, had an appointment, did laundry, scooped my boyfriend, we made an apple pie together, ate pizza, watched workaholics, ate pie, and exchanged anniversary presents.

it’s not until tomorrow but i work tomorrow and will have no car

so today was a productive day

i’m content

now back to waking up at 5 for the next million days

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