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i respect your boundaries and i need to keep mine as well

that does not mean i don’t think about you every day

it seems like you’ve been on my mind more and more lately and i’m not sure why

i just miss you, happily

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this ones for you broski, if you finally decide to use it ya dick

i ran out of blues

bring on the sickness

all 3 of my friends went back to college

bring on the loneliness

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i’ve been having pretty terrible mood swings lately

now that i can’t just snort blues and chill the fuck out i want to murder everyone around me

my teen angst is back and i don’t like it

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my day off

was actually decent for once

i slept in, had an appointment, did laundry, scooped my boyfriend, we made an apple pie together, ate pizza, watched workaholics, ate pie, and exchanged anniversary presents.

it’s not until tomorrow but i work tomorrow and will have no car

so today was a productive day

i’m content

now back to waking up at 5 for the next million days

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wanna hear a cool story

so today i went to my boyfriend’s after work

i guess i was really exhausted

because as soon as i hit the bed i passed out

i woke up with my hand in my mouth and drool on my face and in a pool on his pillow

i tried to play it off like nothing happened

but he totally saw it all

cutest girlfriend ever

i think so

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you were supposed to pay me back today

what a convenient time to ignore me

i want my 320 bucks for christmas


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on some real shit ok. this was about two years ago, maybe a little longer. i have become a different person since. the person who took this picture will never return in my life and its for the best. i may not have that friendship with someone ever again. but im drug free and content now. i no longer get sick for months at a time now. im able to think. 

and, i can eat again.